The birth.

The birth of this heritage is authentic looking in southern Morocco,
more precisely in the region Tafilalet at the time of the Almohad around
the year 1147. But it has begun to develop only from the era of Saadi,
when artists were considered innovative measures and are codified in
various “Surûf, which are Melhun that taf’ilât are classical poetry. It is
considered that the first to have devoted to this art was the Sheikh Abd
el-Aziz el-Maghraoui, which designated the metric foot under the term
“Dan”, he became the model followed by the poets in their Moroccan
compositions. He appeared after the poet al-Masmuda, who has adopted
the word “Mili” to refer to the foot, this term did absolutely nothing but
is nevertheless also become a model.
The shining beacon of where this art is a thousand lights Tafilalet,
remained far his most prolific birthplace, the fact remains that many
other cities have excelled in this genre, and do not least become as
important as Tafilalet; are Marrakech, Meknes, Fez, Taroudant, Asfi
(Safi), Salé and Rabat.