Ahmad Pirou

Born in Rabat in 1930, Ahmad Pirou went to the Koranic school, then in 1944 he entered the Guessous School of Rabat where he met Haj Othman Jorio which trained the voices of top pupils and taught them Koranic cantillation.
He also studied music under Mustafa Maaroufi and Omar al-Oufir, and perfected his technique with Husayn
Hajjam Belmekki, who plays the violin on the present CD. He listened also to concerts given on Radio Alger by the  greatest gharnâti voices of the time: Dahman Benachor, Cheikh Mnawar, Muhammad Sadiq Bjawi.
Later on, when he met these Algerian masters, he gained their respect for his work, his style and his talent.